GNC-2006-07-04 #184

Lots of ground covered Gnomedex, Blubrry, Podcast Awards, Guitar Center, Apple Store, Feedburner conversation, Senator John Edwards at Gnomedex and our $100.00 give away for the week

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Listener Links
Internet Congestion Charges
Senator Stevens
Sony Rootkit Strikes Again

Show Links:
Hubble Will be OK!
Doug Kaye on Gnomedex
Think small
XP Pirate
10 Beautiful OS X Applications
Chinese Firewall
Mini USB Shredder
Apple Idiots
Gnomedex Battle Royal
TechCrunch SuperNova
Jason Calacanis High and Low
NASA Launch
Google Checkout
Broadband Problem?
Expired Domains
VA Laptop Recovered
Blubrry PRWeb Press Release
IE7 Update
Talent Search
Identity Theft

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