GNC-2006-06-06 #178

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Listener Links:
RIAA and Congress trying to push Fair Use Destroyer Bill Through

Show Comments
EFF Emergency Action
Boing Boing on Copyright Law
Pay for the RIAA for every song and every copy you own!
What has the DMCA destroyed

Google PR
MacBook Overheat
Spam King pays!
Xbox 360 Upgrade
Toshiba 200gb 2.5 inch HD
Google Spreadsheet
AllofMp3 and WTO
Software defined Radio
Pirate Bay is Back
Steve Gillmor ask Bill about Attention
Spammers after popular listings Developer Winners
New Media Picks
SixApart on MT 3.3
Microsoft adds Ads to Live e-mail
Cable Operators not ready for mass HDTV Adoption
VC view of Web 2.0
Moon rolls over?
ISS Spacewalk
New cool HP Docking Station
FeedBurner Stats Hack
DOJ battles with ISP’s
Mac hints for iTunes Podcast Users!

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