GNC-2006-06-02 #177

Today starts our month of giveaways, congrats to our $100.00 winner listen to win, and claim your prize, I have an amazing revelation about blubrry, and I talk a little bit about a life changing event that happened two years ago today.

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Listener Comments:
New Blog Widget
Office 2007 Beta
Rip YouTube

Show Notes:
Vote on Podcast Alley
Zing Review
Windows Vista Beta two Review and Introduce Blog Search
PC World Top 100 Products
ThePirateBay Takedown
ThePirateBay We will be back!
Shuttle Tank Good to go!
Extortion Virus code revealed!
Skype and Dell
AMD to come out with 4 Core
Windows DOS
Google no Browser
XP get 20% more Bandwidth?
ISP scamming you for speed increase?
Hard Drive Security
Tax VOIP coming!
Eric Rice nice shoutout Thanks!

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