GNC-2006-04-07 #161

Monster Show I cover the U3 contest we are having at and just a huge amount of other data. I talk about the oil rig parked outside my house and a host of other cool stuff.

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Tech Podcast / U3 Developer Contest

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Show Comments:
Amazon Wire
Getting Paid to Learn
IE Patch Coming
Microsoft DRM on Cell Phones
Google Firefox Toolbar
IE more Bugs
Boot Camp no Boon
Sprint to Battle DSL
PC World Windows Mac Test
Microsoft buys Apple?
IRS Sharing your Data?
Sun Surprises Scientist
RIAA Bully
Teen’s to Stupid for own good
Windows iMac Photoshop Performance
Azureus Wins!
Podcast Hot or Not (hot)
PodTech Comments on Forrester
Forrester Podcast Report
Video Editing
Anonymizer to fight China

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