Apple iTunes violating copyright laws?

I had a listener of my show complain that he was having a hard time navigating my Podcast, because I had the full name of the show in the ID3 Tags, and I replied that no I did not. Well it appears if you use iTunes to actually download podcast, iTunes is changing the pre-written ID3 tag title to what is in the title of the Blog post. As I go back through some of my notes, I guess I knew this but had kinda forgotten about it. As one listener pointed out the iTunes Podcast Submission agreement even indicates they will be doing this, and the question I have to ask it why.

So instead of having “GNC-2006-03-14 #155” which I entered into the ID3 tag manually, listeners are seeing “Geek News Central Podcast 2006-03-14 #155” which is the blog post title. This in my opinion is a clear copyright violation as Apple is changing the contents of my creative works! But seeing that somewhere in the user agreement, I and thousands of others agreed to it! But the question needs to be asked is it the right thing to do?

Apple why are you doing this. Do you change music artist ID3 tags for them to suit your needs. When using Juice (which doesn’t loose episodes by the way), it leaves my ID3 tags in tact and does not change them.

For the record because of the continued weird way iTunes just stops downloading podcast and how people loose shows etc. I am still recommending Juice for the podcast listener that wants to be guaranteed not to miss a download.

Here is picture of the show info downloaded with iTunes.


Here is a picture of the show info downloaded with Juice.