More on Microsoft’s Origami

At this point the spin machine is out of control over at Microsoft, and I am sure that this device which we are now pretty sure will be a slimmed down tablet that will do video, music and some gaming is going to be a pretty cool device. But does this mean in 2 weeks when it is revealed that I am going to be able to go down to CompUSA and pick one up?

If they are not in stores they are announced a lot of people are going to be pissed off. I will not be so mad if we could buy one online, but what Microsoft needs to do here if they really want to make this launch sizzle is mail 500 of these to bloggers and have us test them a week before they are available, that would build real buzz and be something that would drive sales.

Or is this device just a prototype for Microsoft’s part lets hope not. [Scoble]