Mac’s and PC’s highly Vulnerable to iTunes and Quicktime Movies

You know, I recently received this absolutely blistering e-mail from someone that told me Mac’s would never be hackable or susceptible to any security issues. Well as a early Christmas present it seems that the Mac and the PC versions of iTunes and Quictime can cause a malicious quicktime movie to cause real problems for both operating systems.

Seems Apple was informed but has failed to respond to the issue, but the eWeek article states

“In an advisory posted on, researcher Tom Ferris warned that attackers can rig QuickTime movie files to trigger a denial-of-service crash that may lead to malicious code execution.”

So here is a word of advice if you like downloading video’s that people put on the Internet you better be careful if it is from a unknown source. Here is my point, and this goes without saying no operating systems is immune to security vulnerabilities and the Mac community who lashes out anytime someone suggest otherwise will need to sit up and recognize they will have to take preventive measures.

On the whole though the Mac has proven to be generally more secure than Windows, but with the popularity of the operating system on the increase we can expect to see more of these types of alerts being issues for the Mac Operating System. [eWeek]

Thanks to a GNC reader for providing me this link.

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