Apple iTunes Music Loss continues to Spread

I hate to say it but the person in Rex Hammocks office that lost all of her iTunes music when her hard-drive crashed on her Powerbook should have known better. Rex seems to be incredulous that Apple will not replace her music. Hey Rex it is a well known fact that you better backup your music as you do point out, you also make the comment how could she. Last time I checked Powerbooks pretty much all have CD Burners on them. If people are just waking up to the fact that their music libraries are at risk they need to secure the proper external storage for that material.

Music is no different than any other material that should be backed up, while I can sympathize with her data loss, I can only say that it will take more of these types of expensive lessons for people to realize they need to back up their data. [Rex Hammock]

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2 thoughts on “Apple iTunes Music Loss continues to Spread

  1. Advice to backup is certainly sane, but we can’t assume there will never be a situation where one will need to obtain replacements from iTunes. I have a client who lost a bunch of music he had purchased from Walmart’s online music store. He called and was given a link to download his music files and the license was reauthorized – nice and simple.

    Certainly Apple could do as much for their customers instead of chastising them.

  2. I always back up on CD also. FOr anyone who has a large Music Library and has a 10GB plus iPod there is a little trick to back up your music even if your HD crashes. Always good to have a back-up plan

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