Tech Bloggers changing the face of technology reporting

Their is not a day that goes by that I don’t get 20 press releases, 10 software application notices and just recently offers to do product reviews. Thus far I have been picky, only selecting those articles, software and products that I am interested in. On the product review side, my wife keeps asking me why are you buying all this stuff, to stay in good graces I give her a heads up when I know a product review is about to be delivered. But unlike other sites that do a simple review, my policy is that I use the product for three days and use the product as it was intended.

With this latest development I have realized it that we as consumers and end users of the technology are starting to have an affect on the way companies do business. This is why tech bloggers mainly the “A” list (geez I hate that word) are getting front row seats at press events. Now I am in no way a, “A” list tech blogger, but I do know how many people are visiting this site in addition to over 200 e-mail comments a day split between the blog and the podcast the site is building critical mass.

At the same time I will always place a disclaimer on articles that are product reviews in which we have been provided a product to comment on. [WSJ]

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