Interesting Security Survey

I have been swapping e-mail with a representative of AuthenTec the company that has released some interesting survey results. I am always looking to see how insecure we are and this survey goes about as far as any I have seen in recent times to indicate that we sure are a bunch of sitting ducks.

There is nothing more distressing than having someone invade your space. My son (8) recently said dad can you change my password to “abcde” well I smiled internally and thought to myself welcome to the world of security. So I explained to him the importance of having a good password and tricks you can use not to forget it. Kids always forget stuff so we made a game of it and came up with a password that was stronger than the method I use. Well I did some changes myself a bit of taste of my own medicine.

Meanwhile he know brags that no one is gonna guess my password meanwhile we are still dealing with the little devil clicking on everything in site. Did someone say firewall, separate subnet, ghost. Oh yea every 90 days the machine gets slicked whether it needs it or not. Anyway the referenced article is really good, if anyone uses their products I’d like to here what you think of those as well. With laptops being stolen like they are this company must be doing a lot of business. []

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