BitTorrent creator to help stop Downloads of Movies!

Do I sense a war brewing. Their are going to be a lot of pissed of people if they cannot download the last episode of lost or a syndicated television show. Think about this for a second, when I was living overseas the television selections was horrendous, you had this pathetic star network and a bunch of third rate crap stations. TV was horrible. My time overseas also broke me of my habit of watching to much TV because the majority of it was terrible. But for those that are living as expats the ability to get cool shows via BitTorrent is awesome. Now I understand the studios have a issue with this and I understand that they don’t want people sharing movies. So here is a idea.

The studios need to realize their audience is global and unless all of the people on the globe can go to new movies or pay for them online when they are released the horns come out and people go and download the shows and movies so they can see it instead of having to wait 6 months to year before something is released in their home country. News travels the globe in microseconds not weeks and people are dialed in to what is happening on a global scale. If the MPAA and the studios would figure this out instead of using their old techniques old media distribution which encourages people to download the content on the net. [The Register]

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2 thoughts on “BitTorrent creator to help stop Downloads of Movies!

  1. Halleluliagh (sp?)!! Finally someone writing an article thinking about us poor expats!! No one else does, that’s for sure. I’m an american expat living in Prague, and to get english language satellite I had to buy a black market card and box for Sky UK at approximately 20x the cost to someone living in the UK, and I have to pay a $100 a year “service charge” to someone in the UK just for his UK address and for billing to my credit card.

    For the 5 years before I was willing to pay so extravagantly for satellite, I had only things like bittorrent and podcasts to keep me company in the long winter nights. Let me tell you, it’s can be a huge boost to have even the most difficult of access to a little bit of your culture.

    But unfortunately the entertainment industry is still banging flint on stones to try to make fire, I’m so sick of them not giving us an alternative to their ancient ways of doing business. Seeing as they give me no choice, I believe it to be my right to download their show. People pay $60 for access to thousands of shows, why can’t they download them for 50 cents? (Yes I think $2 for a TV show is rediculous as well).

    Anyhow I think bittorrent keeps the networks honest, and I think that’s very important. They need the competition so they’re not so lame. (Although I could hardly imagine them being lamer)

    But if bittorrent stops doing it….. Someone else surely will… Probably without missing a beat.

  2. I had some sort of an issue with this. I am an NFL-fan and you’re lucky to see the superbowl over here and maybe a game a week if you have a digital TV subscription with a German commercial station (imagine hearing the comment ‘ja, das ist eine grossartige touchdown der weltmeisterklasse’ – luckily I understand German pretty well :D ).
    Yahoo at one point had a service that let you watch football through a paid service, Platinum it was called if I remember correctly. I got out my creditcard, typed the number and…… was refused for not being in the US or Canada. This is licensing gone to far. Here I was, ready, willing and able to pay $120 a year and they didn’t want it because of some territorial licensing nonsense.

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