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BitTorrent Sync 1.3 Now Supports Windows Phones

BitTorent sync-infographicBitTorrent Sync is an app that allows you to easily share your data through synced folders. It gives you an easy way to send important data from your computer or smartphone in a way that enables a client to access it. As a podcaster, I can see how BitTorrent Sync would be useful for sharing raw audio files that were recorded as part of a podcast with the person who will be doing the editing.

BitTorrent Sync previously offered an enhanced mobile experience for Android and iOS. Now, it has expanded to Windows Phone. This means those that use Windows Phone can now use BitTorrent 1.3. It also means that those who use Android or iOS can share their files through BitTorrent 1.3 with a person who is using Windows Phone.

You can download and use BitTorrent Sync for free. There are no size limits or caps on how much you can share through it. BitTorrent Sync skips the cloud, so your files are delivered at lightning speed.

Another great thing about BitTorrent Sync is the big idea behind it. The Official BitTorrent Blog explains it well:

Your data belongs to you. Not to advertisers. Not the NSA. Not the cloud. Sync lets you share information freely; direct to the people (and devices) you choose. Your information stays with you. Wherever you are.

Buffalo LS-421 Diskless NAS Review

Buffalo LogoThe Buffalo LinkStation LS-421 Diskless NAS represents a small departure from the norm for Buffalo in that this is the first consumer-oriented unit to be offered as an enclosure without drives. While replacing drives in the previous generation of LinkStations was easy, it’s good to see this being offered as an option from the start. GNC has reviewed several Buffalo units in the past and many have been no slouch in the speed department. The LS-421 features the new generation Marvell ARMADA 370, 1.2GHz ARMv7 CPU core and DDR3 512MB RAM so let’s see if it stands up to the claims of “up to 80 MB/s” .

Buffalo LS-420 Box

From the outside, the LS-421 hasn’t significantly changed since the previous version with a slightly front rounded surface. The previous iteration of the product had blue LEDs on a black fascia; this time it’s white LEDs on silvery-grey which looks good when they’re flickering away. Overall, it’s not going to win any design awards, but it’s not going to offend either. There are two USB ports, a USB 3 one on the front and a USB 2 on the rear. These can be used for additional storage or printers.

Buffalo LS-420 NAS


Buffalo LS-421 rear

Installing the disks is straightforward, needing only a screwdriver to screen the hard drives into plastic frames which then guide the drives into place in the NAS. The front of the unit simply pops on and off. Once the two drives are in place, the network cable can be connected and the power plugged in. For those interested, it’s an external PSU.

Buffalo LS-421 with disks

On power-up for the first time, there’s about ten minutes of activity while the LS-421 sorts itself out. While that’s happening, the supplied Buffalo NAS Navigator 2 software can be installed on the PC or laptop. It’s much improved over the previous version, but it’s not essential software as the NAS is largely configured via a web client. However, it is useful for troubleshooting and finding the IP address of the LS-421 for the first time.


Those used to the old tabbed style of web interface will discover that Buffalo has gone all Metro with a tile-based UI, albeit without the Microsoft colours. All the usual configuration features are present and correct – disk format, share administration, users, groups, RAID 0 / 1 and so on. Buffalo also gets brownie points for prompting to change the administrator password whenever the web client starts.

Buffalo LS-421 Tile Interface

The LS-421 isn’t only a network NAS, as it has Bittorrent and DLNA services built-in. Having a NAS-based Bittorrent client is useful as you don’t need to leave your PC on for large downloads and once downloaded, the server with contribute back to others downloading the same file. The DLNA server worked fine too, letting me play mp3s via the Roku.

Apps are available for iOS and Android to access files on smartphones and tablets, and it’s possible to configure access to the NAS across the Internet so that you can upload and download files while out and about. Obviously the speed is going to be limited by the network or broadband connection but it’s a useful to have the facility in case you need it.

With all of that out the way, how fast is it? I tested using Totusoft’s LAN Speed Test from a fairly old laptop running Windows 8.1 and also with dd and bonnie++ from a newer SuSE 12.1 Linux desktop. All tests were run at least three times and both computers were connected into the same gigabit switch that the LS-421 was connected into.

From the laptop, LAN Speed Test gave an average over a couple of a runs around 33 MB/s for writes and 22.5 MB/s.
On the desktop, dd gave a write speed of 63 MB/s, and bonnie++ wrote at 45 MB/s and read at 68 MB/s. Remember these figures reflect the performance of the LS-421 in my environment and YMMV as they say. Certainly, the bonnie++ read of 68 MB/s isn’t very far away from Buffalo’s claims of 80 MB/s.

Overall, the LS-421 is a tidy NAS unit and with an online price of GB£85 (without drives), it’s definitely one of the cheaper NAS enclosures. It’s nippy and with a total capacity potential of 8 TB, it can grow as your needs require.

Thanks to Buffalo for the loan of the review unit.

The Counting Crows Bring Their Music to BitTorrent

Underwater Sunshine (or what we did on our summer vacation)

The popular rock band Counting Crows are going BitTorrent.  The band has made four songs off of their latest release available for free download in an effort to attract new fans.  The album, titled Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation), was released last month and features15 tracks.  In a departure from their past, the Crows have made this CD a collection of all cover songs.

The BitTorrent release features not only the audio files, but also liner notes, and artwork from the album.  Frontman Adam Duritz, during an interview with Mashable,  said “I don’t know how I didn’t think of this earlier — it’s the most obvious thing in the world since BitTorrent has such a huge global reach.  It’s not just about getting music to the people who would buy it anyway — even though that is, of course, very good — the hardest thing to do is make new fans.”

Kudos to the Counting Crows for taking this route and seeing the benefits that many, or most, artists and labels seem to be clueless about.  Getting their music out there for people to hear is the first step towards gaining new avenues of revenue.  Some fans may elect to buy the CD’s, but even those who don’t will perhaps spend money on a concert ticket or, at the least, promote the band to other listeners.

This approach may seem like a no-brainer for established stars who already have fans looking for their material, but it is a bit tougher for the unknown artists who want to get noticed.  However, this may generate the publicity to get more bands to take this approach, and there are some great success stories from those who have taken the free approach early – just ask Jonathan Coulton or the guys from OK Go.

BitTorrent Introduces Share at CES 2012

Bittorent BitTorrent was original created to allow people to share large files over the Internet efficiently. In the last couple of years more and more people are sharing their digital media over the Internet with friends and family. Unfortunately because of the way things are currently setup they often have to compromise on quality. BitTorrent is attempting to solve this problem. They have a new software application called Share which they introduced at CES 2012.  This program will allow people to share large media files with family and friends. There is no limit on file size, number of files or recipients. Each person will have to be authenticated either by email or connecting on Facebook. They will also have to run Share in the background. Share is less the 1 mg in size and takes up very little resources. The media file will be uploaded to each recipient who along with the cloud application will act as seeders. Once you reach a critical mass the cloud application will drop off. Share is currently still in Alpha and being tested.


BitTorrent is also working on a live video streaming protocol which will allow people to share live streaming video without a hosting service. This is also currently in Alpha, you can participate in the test every Friday night at BitTorrent Live. BitTorrent also announced 4 partnerships with various companies in Europe and Asia, that would embed the Bittorent protocol directly in their devices.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central

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GNC-2011-10-03 #710 Monster Show

Monster show tonight with a Ton of stories, I only cover the upcoming iPhone announcements ever briefly as most of you will get the details early tomorrow morning. I want to welcome all of the new Google+ Listeners as those following me over their has exploded! Subscribe to the show and get signed up for the newsletter.

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Credits: Jack Ellis – Executive Producer

GNC #701 Back to Business

Back to business on show 701. I am excited about our Saturday Morning Tech we will have a number of our bloggers on to talk tech, so be sure to join me Saturday morning at 9am PST.

Big Thanks to Our Executive Producer Jack Ellis for all his work on all of our shows!

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GNC #697 Police State?

Meetup in Albuquerque is on for next week if you want to attend please email me ASAP. We are also collecting prizes for show #700 if you would like to donate a product or service drop me a line. This show gets very serious almost out of the gate we all need to make sure we protect our freedoms.

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GNC-2011-02-24 #650 Chinese Hacker Conspiracy

Bit of Soap Box time tonight folks. Plus as chance to win a Apple TV be sure to listen to win. Entry email you will need is podcast@podcastconnect.com I share a little insight into some announcements we made today. Make sure you are signed up for the newsletter as that is the quickest way to get information on new show releases. We are half way to show 700 amazing how time flies. Big thanks to Trucker Tom for the Audible endorsement. You will want to get your free trial below!

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LeechPack For Large File Hosts

If you want to share large files, then you already know that email is NOT your friend.  Many email services have file size limits – frequently 10MB.  If you have looked further then you also know of the services available to help you share larger files such as Rapidshare, Megaupload, EasyShare, FileSonic, and FileFactory.  Some of these services actually pay you if your files are popular and have a large number of downloads.  Most of these types of services have restrictions on file size, although it generally much larger than email.

That’s where LeechPack comes in.  LechPack gives you cloud storage so that you can quickly download files from most of the major file hosting services.  Leechpack will also handle secure downloading of torrents.

LeechPack works with all operating systems and can be used with all major download managers. All downloads are SSL encrypted so you won’t expose yourself to scammers. You can also tag and organize your files for better management and download them from anywhere.

The bad news is that it’s not free.  But, if you know where to look online then you can find an invite for a free account.  The free accounts are limited, but they will give you an idea of what it can do and if you really need it.

GNC-2009-06-02 #482 Some more Contest Announcements!

June and July are going to be months you will want to follow the show as I announce some new contest for June and what we have planned for July. You have to listen to win. With my Internet connection being flaky tonight no line show recording but I recorded it locally will post later.

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