Dan Gillmor puts the smack down on Sony who get Idiots of the year award!

It’s been a long time since I say as many people get as mad as they have about Sony. Their brand is now forever tarnished and if they don’t start firing people and making liberal financial compensation to those that have been effected by their sheer ignorance and greed.

The problem remains that most of the people affected don’t know it yet and that is the ticking time bomb that has crackers, hackers, exploiters and script kiddies jumping up and down in joy. Every senior management official is missing in action.

I called Sony sales today and worked my way into talking to some 3rd level supervisor and I asked her where I was supposed to send the bill for the fixing of my wife’s computer that they jacked up. She was pretty pissy on the phone and hung up on me. Thats ok I will be sending a registered mail letter to their corporate offices with the invoice lets see if they pay it! [Dan Gillmor]

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