GNC-2005-09-18 #100

Record long show but what can I say it’s the 100th show. I take you down history lane, do a quick year in review talk tech and end it with some good music from The Reverse Engineers

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1-iPod Nano from Geek News Central
Winner: Tom Henderson, tdhn1

5-Domain Names from Geek News Central
Winners: scott.westermam, bhughes, gretch68, mike@my, RNDrake

3-$100.00 Madtown Aces Production Services
Winners: dhjunk, charlottwynn. darrencomputerguy

1-$150.00 Consulting Service Digital Imaging from
Winner: pwallac

1-$100.00 Domain/Service from
Winner: leeroy.atkinson

5-T Shirts from
Winners: residentist, sometimes.silent, jason.kirkland, scoyle,

1-Cafe Press item from
Winner: brianmtucker

2-Cafe Press Prizes Shirt and Mug from
Winner: shorning, owenbrenman

5-CD’s from The Reverse Engineers
Winners: cybermancer1, tommy.martin, bluujack, dfennell, skaschimer

1-Behringer UB802 Mixer from Fran long term Listener
Winner: PodcastLsnr

News and Commentary:
Podcast Marketing Interview
Skype Blocking Software
DSL is Cheaper!
BitTorrent Hack
What is a BlogRoll
New Broadband Legislation Draft!
Cool Mars Picture
Japanese Spacecraft near Asteroid
Cassini Titan Shoreline!
Hoax Earth is ending Post
Media Center PC review
Apple and Video Podcasting!
Search Google Groups
MT Version 3.2 and what you can do!
PDC, RSS announcements!
Wireless Cable Broadband
USB TV Tuner!
iPod nano in any color
TiVo video on demand?

Five Blade Razor!
TiVo DRM Saga continues
Why he switched to Firefox
2050 Urban Planet
IE7 Beta 2

Music by The Reverse Engineers

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