GNC-2005-09-06 #97

Real thin on Tech News because of the labor day weekend here in the United States, I cover a great deal of information on resources and initiatives to help the Hurricane Katrina Victims.

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Listener E-mail Links
Simply Hired Houston
Simply Hired New Orleans
Skylook Review
Levee Info Perseus

Show Notes
Being Net-Ready the next time!
Rescue request via
Need some Buses?
Washington Post Picture Blog
National Geographic
Low Power FM Station for New Orleans and needed Radio’s!
Apple Product Speculation
Parking Meters that call home!
Cameras in Car take pictures of Car Jackers
Broadband slowdown?
Virtualize victims telephone numbers!
Computer crash in Space!
Connecting loved ones!
Call to action for sysadmins etc!
Mom is first to fight RIAA!

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