GNC-2005-08-23 #93

Join me on the Computer Outlook Radio Talk Show this coming Wednesday at 5pm PST and also if you are in Hawaii please watch High Tech Hawaii were I will be making an appearance with two other Hawaii Podcasters.

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A new type of OPML Node Manager
Make your own Magazine Cover
Podcast Hotel Lives
Google Desktop Version 2 Beta
The Data Farm
Smugmug Maps
Striking producers route around Network
Dave’s Roadshow
USB Sticks hacking your Network?
Top 10 Data destruction stories
Bluetooth Billboard Ads
Apple tells French site to takedown Video of OS X running on Intel
Mambo Mess!
Vonage wants Internet User Bill of Rights
Music Labels changing their tunes?
Google Voice
Cannon EOS 5D
BreathScanner detects Cancer
DVD Format wars to be decided by consumers!
Climate Change Bet
Adobe Blogs
O’Reilly Search Engine Spam Parade
Discovery back at Cape

Featured Music Track Darin Leong!

Notice: Be sure to sign up for our next interactive Roundtable on Sept 3rd. We will be using GoToMeeting, a web conferencing application that enables you to instantly hold Web conferences, meetings, presentations, training sessions and collaborations. As a special offer, you can try GoToMeeting Free. Just visit, click the Try It Free button and enter the promo code “techpodcasts” to receive your special 30-Day Free Trial!

We are going to be covering News Aggreators, how to use RSS to get information your looking for, we will also demo Dave Winers OPML Editor and show you how to use the Blogger Microsoft Word Editor on your own non Blogger Weblog.


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