GNC-2005-07-29 #86

Smashingly long podcast tonight and you can see by the show notes it is full to the rim with information news and commentary. Have you mastered Dave Winers OPML Editor drop me a line and lets do a interview about this application.

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Podcast Hotel Are you Going?
FeedDemon Beta commentary for Nick
Computer Outlook Radio Interview
[Please visit]
MSN Toolbar Screen Saver!
Podcast infecting Computers?
Google Store?
Payolo Scandal
Vista is their a legal challenge ahead?
The Hobson and Holtz Report!
Microsoft vs Google
IE7 and Microsoft news!
Web Based Aggreator!
What’s wrong with my RSS Feed!
P2P Users buying 4 times as much Music!
Memo to mainstream Media!
433,00 watch Shuttle Launch on live stream!
Cisco made a exploit being revealed!
Shuttle docs at ISS!
Video iPod don’t plan on it?
Promise TV DVR!
Extreme Tech!
Hackers Crack Windows Genuine Advantage!
Dual Core how do I get one?
Wifi and Bluetooth Jammer!
FeedforAll wins Shareware Award!
Symphony Jukebox!
Used Book Market!
George Martin thinks music made in home Bad!


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One thought on “GNC-2005-07-29 #86

  1. Hi, Todd — I’m using the editor and doing a weblog called OPML Fan. I’ve started work on the user manual for the OPML Editor.

    PS I caught a look at your book at last week’s Cambridge blog meeting — looks great!

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