GNC-2005-07-15 #82

We want to welcome all of the KYOU Listeners that are now listening to this show Live. We want to here your feedback on the show as well. Congratulations to David Bryson in the Peace Corp in West Africa you have won a copy of my book Podcasting The Do It yourself Guide.

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Nerd TV
Steve Gillmor
Hydrogen Fuel Cells!
Wayback Machine!
Find a blog In a Haystack!
Intel Based Mac’s Screaming!
Security Patch Tuesday Free for alls
Domain Hijacking!
Verizon complains Tough!
Apple 3.25 Billion!
ATOM, RSS Longhorn Ready!
RIAA going after syndicated crime.
Linking MP3 Illegal in Australia
ER for HardDrives!
Shuttle 2
Virtual Audio File
Nick Bradbury release FeedDemon Beta!
Media Artist Secrets!
Logitech Wireless Headsets?
Medical Firm looses personal data in Arizona
O’Reilly Dev Weblog has trash talk on site!



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Todd Cochrane is the Founder of Geek News Central and host of the Geek News Central Podcast. He is a Podcast Hall of Fame Inductee and was one of the very first podcasters in 2004. He wrote the first book on podcasting, and did many of the early Podcast Advertising deals in the podcasting space. He does two other podcasts in addition to Geek News Central. The New Media Show and Podcast Legends.