Geek News Central Sponsored Podcast “Domestic Life Premiers”

For my 75th Podcast, I held a contest that gave away two Podcasting packages. John and Kacy one of our winners, have produced their first podcast. They have created a podcast on trials and tribulations of Domestic Life. I have highlighted their submission in the extended entry.

In the coming months I will be mentoring the husband, and wife team. I encourage you to help me in welcoming them to the podcasting community, and encourage you to subscribe to their RSS feed.

Hi. My name is Kacy. I am the mother of two children, a boy 3 1/2 and a girl 5 months. My husband and I have just started listening to the different podcast that are available. We have decide we would like to feature a podcast that lets everyone share in our life. The idea is a show called Domestic Life. The show would air at least once a week sometimes more depending on what is going on in life at that paticular time. It would let others share in the ups and downs that are involed in marriage and the life of rasing children. It would share the values i was raised with being a rural child living in the same house all my life and the difference in the life he had being a millitary brat. We would discuss how each aspect has a different feeling on how we raise our children. Along with the rasing of our children and the crazy things you deal with, we are still newlyweds ourself and are learning how to deal with each other. We would like to share the ups and downs of our lives and the funny ancedotes that coem along with everyday life as we know it. Also just for the tech world, we would talk about ways to keep the low tech grandparents invovled in their grandchildren’s lives using simple internet programs such as diffrent web posting websites for pictures, movies and anything else we use or can think of.

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