GNC-2005-07-01 #78

First of all welcome to all the new listeners and thank you to all of those that have stayed subscribed for the long haul. News and information on the Apple iTunes 4.9 introduction plus a lot more. New show title scheme till Apple gets their act together. It took forever to get the show uploaded tonight as the servers are still getting hammered.

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Apple says 1 Million People Subscribed to Podcast!

Apple iTunes RSS
Podcasters Not Happy!
4th of July Deep Impact on Video
Go ahead piss a Blogger off with poor Customer Service
VC Money coming to RSS
Scoble’s Secret!
MovableType 3.2 Coming Soon
Higher Speed Broadband coming!
Telephone Tax 107 years old may be RIP
Apple Patent Pending
Warez Members in Jail!

IE another Hole!
Equifax Boss says no to your Data!
Doug Kaye “I have a Dream”
I’m not some Indie Podcaster

Music Geoff Byrd Butterfly


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