Freedom isn’t Free in Technology and War

I have been pretty vocal on some of my other sites on were I stand on supporting the troops etc. But a interesting post caught my eye today over on O’Reilly that although starts out as some political commentary it then turns into commentary on the fight for Technological Innovation, in order to assure that we will still remain one of the technological advanced countries in the world we need to stand up and fight for the freedom of technological innovation.

Just how many great consumers products have been squashed because of laws and restrictions. Example I have a stack of VHS tapes that I would like to put on DVD “easily”. I want a consumer box that will do this without restrictions, because hey I believe in fair use. But because the MPAA has had their hands into designs of consumer devices I am regulated to doing this the hard and agonizing way via my PC.

He list in that article some organizations that need our support. I have contributed money to more than half of those on the list because I know Freedom isn’t Free. [O’Reilly]

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