Bloggers are Jailed?

Political bloggers jailed, detained | Tech News on ZDNet

What happened to Freedom of Speech? I usually do not discuss politics, nor do I get involved in a lot of political talk. There are some things that I just stay away from, but in doing that, I don’t think anyone should have the right to shut down a blog for practicing their Freedom of Speech. Are blogs going to be ok, just as long as they are not political?

I realize this is not in the US, I just found this hard to believe.

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One thought on “Bloggers are Jailed?

  1. Unfortunatly, with the last Freedom of Speech Online Act being shot down, I wouldn’t imagine stuff like this happening in the US is far off. Even now, bloggers are fairly wide open. Look at all the firings and such going on, all because someone posts something negative about their company in a blog. Bleh!

    We don’t really have free speech anymore. In order for it to be truely free, we’d have to shoot all the lawyers and lobbyist, fire all of the politicians, and start all over from square one. Of course, then those doing the overthrowing would be accused of being traitors, and probably executed or something…. And then some corporation like M$ would step in and really do something nasty. Oh well, I’d really like to see some true reform in the Government, not just some lights, smoke, and mirrors like we’ve seen in the past.

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