Jason Calacanis is calling CNet to task for not giving blogger credit!!

Jason like some other people out here in weblog land are not afraid of calling people out, and I applaud him for that. I understand his frustration completely, and having heard the commentary Rush made on his radio show about professional journalist not recognizing bloggers earlier this week by pure luck fits into a theme that seems to be prevalent this week.

Hi commentary gives an interesting perspective, and gives me some things to ponder about on the perspective I have had on a couple of topics lately. Did I tell you I really like straight shooters.

I come from a family of great debaters who love to play devils advocate we just love to have a lively discussion. But I have also learned that having that type of personality requires restraint in being able to pick your battles wisely and only strike when you know you will win. The exception to that rule is you always stand your ground when something that is happening is illegal, unjust, hurtful, immoral or degrading of another person. [Jason Calacanis]

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