From Linuxense, Server Break-in Challenge. has started a new server break-in challenge to begin tomorrow, March 9th. If you can keep a server up for 48 hours without interruption, you win an active shell account to play with. No big bucks, or prizes, just a simple challenge for the Linux geek in all of us. Here’s a few details, but the full list of rules can be found at the link above.

The Linux Server Break-in challenge. You will have a server available on the Internet 96 hours without interruption starting from 9 March 2005 2 AM IST. However, the server’s life on the Net is in your hands. This server won’t be protected by firewall. There won’t be any fake demons or honeypots as well. It will be running all the services normally found in a regular Linux distribution and more.
If no one could compromise it till the end of 48 hour, Linuxense will release an active shell account for you to login and play around.

All user activities on the server will be logged. At the end of the event Linuxense will share the packet capture data with the contestants for analysis.
It is open to anyone with an interest in Server Security without any geographical restrictions. This is just an opportunity to pursue your passion. So there is no prize; just applause. And your name will be on our Challenge page forever!

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