Malware Attempts To Delete Microsoft AntiSpyware Program

It was only a month ago that Microsoft Corp. announced its free antispyware application; however, malware has already been detected by an antivirus company, Sophos PLC, that will disable Microsoft’s program and delete all files in the program’s installation directory.

The malware, known as BankAsh-A, not only deletes all of the Microsoft antispyware files, it then goes on to install a keylogger (keystroke logging) program to record all data entered into online banking websites.

Dave’s Opinion
The current version, BankAsh-A, targets U.K. bank customers; however, future versions of the malware application could target other countries’ banking customers. While this type of keylogger isn’t new, BankAsh-A proves the concept that Microsoft’s antispyware software is vulnerable to attack.

It’s disconcerting, although not at all unexpected, that Microsoft’s antispyware would be targeted; many digital security experts just didn’t expect the first attack to come so quickly.

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