Geek News Central Podcast #23 2004-12-28

Obviously the events in Asia over the past several of days have been tragic. We are on edge here as we have a close relative that was on vacation in Thailand that has yet to check in. Added to that we have a new family member tonight plus some other significant events it has been a roller coaster day.

Check out the Podcast on the Christmas Money winner? Due to all of the events that have taken place today the Podcast is not as well put together as we would have wanted.


Media Center PC Review
Fortune Magazine and Weblog Growth
Scobleizer takes a few days off!
iTunes backend
More serious IE Security bugs
Airlines having serious Computer Issues!
911 Services and VOIP
NY Times Archiving Policy all Jacked up!
Warez Pirate faces 15 Years in Jail!
Worming into Apple
The Graphing Calculator Story
IT Conversations New Features
Chris Pirillo to start Podcast
High Tech Hiring Procedures
SixApart Moves the inside Story
A Windows Error message that makes you think!
38% growth rate of Broadband Adoption
Progress re-supply ship docs at ISS
Asteroid 1-60 chance in smacking earth!
Space Probe on way to Titan

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