Geek News Central Podcast #8 11-04-04

Ok folks I am back in Hawaii and this first Podcast from the office. It was definitely a challenge, lots of fan noise from the servers which required me to shutdown two servers to make it tolerable. Time to find these servers a new home away from my office. Plus the office has no carpet so I am dealing with an echo effect. Overall Audio turned out good though and I am pretty happy with it..

No music this show due to feedback that the music with vocals was distracting some people. I am in the need of a intro piece and if anyone has any artistic ability I need a intro and would appreciate a creative assist.

I am still Jet Lagged and will be working on revising how the show is put together. Plan on adding some spice on the next go around. My current plan is to stick with a Monday / Thursday show if I get froggy I may put one out more often. It all depends on the bandwidth we burn.


VOIP will it be taxed by FCC
Cell Phones reporting News
NASA to track explosions
Firefox RC2
Norton Antivirus Flaw
MPAA to sue Movie Swappers
Techdirt commentary on MPAA Actions
Sprint not supporting Fiber to the Door
Delphi XM MyFi

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