Do not use a News Aggreator or iPodder in a Hilton Hotel

Seems Hilton Hotel chains are using a ISP service by a company called Greentree. They watch the outbound traffic of all guest connected computers. I have had intermittent problems with my connection just locking up. Turns out their monitor watches for too many concurrent connections and when a guest computer appears to be doing something it isn’t supposed to it locks the offending MAC address out.

I spent about 30 minutes on the phone with a Greentree technician today and he determined the aggreator which I have set to limit 5 total connections at a time was triggering the filter. We then tried the iPodder program it did the same thing. Needless to say I am not at all happy as making News Aggreator runs is going to prove to be more difficult.

Luckily the Marriott across the street does not have that issue. So I will be changing hotels in the morning.


I can amplify that the Hotel Management at the property I am staying at is not at all happy with the issue, as they have been dealing with this with their provider for a while now. Apparently a number of chains use this same provider but being a loyal “Diamond VIP” Hilton guest, they understood my connectivity needs seriously. The manager requested from the provider that the MAC filtering be turned off.

The reason they where using the filtering in the first place was related to Guest computers that are infected with Spyware and causing high levels of traffic on the network,.

I have been getting e-mail’s all morning from people that have experienced the same type of lockout in some of the same properties in central Texas.

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