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Advertising trouble on TV

I got a tivo a few years back & have had a dvr of some kind ever since. I now have dish so I use theirs which is a good one but not quite as good as the tivo. The biggest plus is of course the time shifting factor. But the ability to skip past commercials is a close second. I keep wondering how the advertisers are going to spend their money in the future on ads. I very rarely even see an ad now but I still know more people without dvrs than I do people who do have them. So the ads are still being seen by a large percentage of people. But at some point the scales will tip and advertisers will no longer be able to justify the huge dollars they give to have their products displayed only to have them skipped over by the consumer. If 50% of people have dvrs then the value of advertising time is greatly diminished.

So what do companies do to avoid being fast forwarded into the red? Well they can place ads in sporting events which are more enjoyable if watched on time instead of the next day when you may have already found out the score. Also they could use the new media as a venue to put ads inside. Instead of paying for ad space during Lost (a popular show on ABC which I hate since they pretty much make up the story line as they go. If you are hooked on it, get out while you can!) a company could pick a popular blog or podcast that covers Lost to advertise with. Not only are people less likely to fast forward a podcast to avoid commercials, they are more likely a super fan of the tv show thus more apt to support a product that supports their show. Another thing I see happening is tv channels placing ads on top of the show in the corner like they do with their network logo (ex. NBC placed in the bottom right corner of all their shows). Or they could place “crawling text ads” 24 hours per day. However it comes about I do not know, I just know it change is on the way.

GNC-2008-02-01 #344

Lots of great commentary and listener feedback. We are almost at the point where we can do a listener feedback show.. Just kidding thanks for being a great audience.

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GNC-2007-09-07 #300

We take a trip down history lane for show 300 which should prove to be entertaining and yet give everyone a perspective of how the show and activities within Podcasting has evolved.

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TiVo Raises Subscription Rates!

TiVo has made what I consider a strategic blunder in announcing their new subscription plans. If new subscribers are not willing to sign a three year subscription fee the monthly charge for the service is going to be $19.95 per month. Let me see I have a HD-DVR from my cable provider that cost me $9.95 per month why would I want to pay $19.95 per month on a device that will likely be obsolete in two years. Someone at TiVo did not in my opinion think this through; no educated consumer would sign a three year contract that has a $150.00 early cancellation fee.

Sorry No TiVo for me. [www.zatznotfunny.com]

Copy Never Flag has TiVo Series Three signing the blues

TivoA TiVo Series Three Receiver was on my shopping list for this Christmas season. I have been watching the reviews of the unit and the new C|Net review of the Series III that I saw today makes me wonder if I should take the unit off my wish list.

We all have learned to hate DRM, and we all hate devices that are overzealous in enforcing DRM. It seems TiVo has got DRM fever and is running scared from the studio’s. Additionally I am not real happy with devices that make you revert to old school techniques to archive programming. Check out these two depressing quotes from the review.

“the only way to archive your TiVo Series3 recordings is the old-fashioned way: dump them to a video recorder in real time.”

“Once again, though, overzealous copy protection has taken something simple and turned it into a Sisyphean ordeal. All we wanted to do was watch TV, and connect our gear with a minimum of cables and wires. Thanks to DRM, that simple task becomes more difficult all the time.”

Once you read the linked review and determin where they had specific hardware connectivity issues you may be inclined as I am to not to move forward with a purchase of this unit. I have said it once and I will say it again because it is worth repeating. The manufactures and their willingness to roll over on consumers will be the ultimate demise of fair use. They will wait till our legacy systems wear out and then kill functionality with new products.

It is obvious that DRM is halting innovation and the ability to re-utilize media that is legally yours to record and enjoy. [Cnet.com]

How do you get listed on the TiVo Podcast Interface!

Well I have some information on TiVo that many of you are not going to be happy about. TiVo is picking the content that they want they have a editorial team that picks what gets listed. I have it on pretty good authority that the format has to be short, absolutely child safe, produced on a consistent basis and much be as near broadcast quality as possible. I understand the need for a child safe format on their network, not good to have mom come home and have the kids getting a earful of adult material.

I am not sure I agree with their strategy in the way subscribers can manually add a show as the interface is beyond painful. They live and die by the ease of use of their interface but if you have a TiVo try entering your Podcast URL. Their is no way to supply a single click subscription button to get your show added to the device from a remote website.

The platform is very closed at this point and hopefully they will listen to the community and open up and make it easier for us to get our shows manually added to a device subscription list, for all of our TiVo listeners and readers. If you work at TiVo and would like to collaborate on a way to make it easier for the rest of the community to allow people to one click subscribe to our shows please drop me a line geeknews@gmail.com

Podcasting Support In TiVo

It’s pretty obvious that TiVo did not put a lot of thought into their roll out of podcasting support. TiVo you blew it you should have reached out to podcasters and let them give you some input you have missed a golden opportunity here. You can save face by reaching out to the community and asking for some help. You should have came to leading podcasters made them sign a NDA and asked for our guidance in the first place. Let’s talk. [Mike’s Information Technology Blog]

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