TiVo Raises Subscription Rates!

TiVo has made what I consider a strategic blunder in announcing their new subscription plans. If new subscribers are not willing to sign a three year subscription fee the monthly charge for the service is going to be $19.95 per month. Let me see I have a HD-DVR from my cable provider that cost me $9.95 per month why would I want to pay $19.95 per month on a device that will likely be obsolete in two years. Someone at TiVo did not in my opinion think this through; no educated consumer would sign a three year contract that has a $150.00 early cancellation fee.

Sorry No TiVo for me. [www.zatznotfunny.com]

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One thought on “TiVo Raises Subscription Rates!

  1. Yeah that is pretty messed up. Someone definatly did not think it thru. I do not have a HD DVR but my Cable provider (Cox) only charged me $4 to get a Standard DVR box from them.

    What I wonder about more is that Cox has stated that they will allow all DVR subscribers to download Tivo software to their already existing boxes. But this story really is keeping me from doing so.

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