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Gmail in Google Search

Gmail in Search When I opened up Google search page this morning I noticed that on the right hand side of the screen are the words Gmail results. I had signed up for this when it was offered back in the beginning of August. First a little background, I work from home and I am the only one that uses the computer. So I don’t have some of the security concerns that other people might have. However if I was using my computer at a coffee shop there are several ways to turn the option off. The first is on the page itself.   If you go up to the small globe on the right hand side of the windows just below the search bar and click on it, this will hide those results. The second way is to click on the gear and go to your search setting and go down to Personal results and click on “Do not use personal results”.

If you choose to keep show personal search on and you click on Gmail results it will take you to the search results on your Gmail page. If you click on “show results” you can view the subject line of the last five messages with that search word in the subject line. If you do a search for an individual you will get the subject line of the last five messages they sent you. If you click on one of the subject lines a page with that email message or conversation will appear.

There are a few things that I noticed while using it for short period. The first is the words have to match exactly including capitalization. The second is when you first start using it, it is not clear what does what until you click on it. On good side until you click on a choice nothing shows, so you don’t have to worry about Gmail results just popping up. If you are on a public computer and you are signed into your Google account and you are worried about clicking on it accidentally, I would recommend turning the option off.  It will not be available to Google App accounts. Finally I did not receive an email confirmation, it just appeared

David Sifry Business Week Article

I think David Sifry has set himself and Technorati up for failure. I read the linked article and my jaw hit the floor. If he honestly thinks that companies like Yahoo, Google, MSN don’t have a staff of engineers that could duplicate what is being or attempted to being done at Technorati then he is in for a serious wake up call. Some of the comments in that interview mad me say your kidding right. Check this out

“Q: Why can’t they build themselves up to do that with a blog search engine?
A: Well, good luck. We’ve been doing it now for almost three years, and it’s a lot harder than you think.”

I am not even going to continue. If I were a engineer or a CEO of a company that does search I would have this quote posted on a big banner that met the program and engineer staff each morning. There is such a word as getting to big for your britches. The best thing the folks over at Technorati can do is get their heads down and code like crazy and scale their network so when the big boys come to really play they are ready to compete. [Business Week]