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GNC-2009-10-08 #518 Back in Honolulu Next Show!

Another great road show, bandwidth has been a plenty and big thumbs up to the Marriott Towne Place Suites. Lot’s of tech to talk about and I have a big challenge for someone that want’s to build me a LivePack! All I can say is the folks behind this just do not get it.

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BlogWorld and New Media Expo Speaker!

BlogWorld09_150px_SpeakerIn just a few weeks the Blogger and Podcaster event of the year gets underway in Las Vegas Nevada. BlogWorld and New Media Expo is now a combined event where Bloggers and Podcasters get to hang out together in a single event.

Not only will I be speaking but my company RawVoice will be exhibiting, we have some great swag to give away that we predict will be the coolest show swag at the event.

I will be speaking on Saturday at 11:30 on the topic “How to prep your show to make it Advertiser Friendly”.  This is a session you will not want to miss, bring your pens because five years of experience in the podcast advertising space allows me to bring real experience and not just theory to the table.

Sadly we will miss talking with the folks from Podtrac and Wizzard Media who are competitors of ours in the space, but have opted to not exhibit this year for unknown reasons.

Make sure you stop by our booth Friday as we will be handing out tickets to a special event we are having Friday evening as well.

We are well prepared to talk to bloggers about the benefits of podcasting and they should stop by and have a chat with us as we have some cool ideas to share. You will want to get one of our custom-made T-Shirts as well that we feel will be a major hit.

See you in Vegas!

There are New Media Companies!

An article by Joshua Auerbach over at GIGAOM titled “New Media Demands a New Kind of Media Company” obviously attracted my attention. Even before the page loaded my brain was saying, I wonder what of new media company is he going to suggest. As you know I think I run a pretty special “New Kind of Media Company” as I was reading the article one specific sentence jumped out at me.

What caught my attentions was this:

“Content producers still seek privileged access to distribution”

This is so true, I am always hearing new media creators complaining that they are finding it very hard to break out, and that they need advice on how to get Apple to feature them on iTunes, (good luck with that as they never have featured my show either) or that they are looking for avenues to get their shows distributed wider. While the number of online venues are growing today, it is nearly impossible to break out on some of those major sites.

There is hope though, the key is teaming up with other media creators that are creating similar content. Affiliation with similar shows help the collective grow together. Sadly to many shows today want to go it alone, they think they don’t need to partner up with other shows.

Over the past five years I have learned one very important lesson, teaming up and providing a central location for similar content reaps vast rewards and is one of the reasons my team at RawVoice continue to partner up with topic leaders and develop and launch vertical sites that allow media creators to affiliate with similar shows and have access to world class tools that help them grow audience share and gain attention and exclusive distribution many seek.

While the article over at GIGAOM talks about the media conglomerates of the world the new media masterminds that I work with, feel that we are being that “New Kind of Media Company”.

How Print Newspapers Can Survive

If newspapers are going to beat the odds and continue to exist they must keep evolving. Some have learned their lesson as evidenced by even small town papers having decent websites. They cannot stand still though as the internet is not static. If they try to keep their online edition of the paper the same for years they will keep losing their backsides. They need to keep up with the online space by melding into it. The success of prominent bloggers is partially due to old media, without which bloggers don’t have much to talk about. That will change as well because old media & new media will take parts of each other’s qualities in order to profit. Some online sites have their own insiders to get news tips so they don’t need to read mainstream newspapers or watch the talking heads on TV to get their information.

Podcasts, blogs, & online video are essential to newspapers surviving. If smaller papers don’t have the people or ability to do video or podcasts they better hire the people who can provide help. If not they are still just something to read. If you haven’t noticed there are a ton of people who simply hate reading, which is terrible, but nonetheless, a fact. Many folks would rather just watch a video or listen to a podcast with the same info as what they would have to read. Our small town paper is moving in the right direction but still has no video or podcasts. They have added rss feeds & the ability to comment on some articles which should have been done a long time ago. All they needed to do was hire the right person to point them in the right direction. But when you get set in your ways it is hard to turn around the ship. Another local news website is using more media formats and even had video available from the local presidential rallies in town. I don’t think they even have a print edition as they tend to have a relationship with the local radio station and may even be owned by the same company. It will be interesting to see which one flourishes especially with the slowdown in the economy.

Don’t let old media drive up Gas costs

I sure hope the IQ of new media consumers is higher than that of the average old media watcher. I do not watch much news on TV. It is a waste of time. Well last night my friend is telling me about gas going up. We are in Georgia. So apparently the hurricane has disrupted a refinery in the Gulf of Mexico ….again. The talking heads on the news are saying gas will be in shorter supply and the price will rise. They say you might want to fill up before it happens. Well this sends the thundering herd of idiots out to line up at the gas stations. What do you think happens when people are lined up to buy a product whether or not there is a shortage? The freaking price is going up big time. If I am a barber & I see a line of people out my shop doors, I only have time to do so many haircuts. So my time becomes more valuable so I can raise the price. Supply & demand people! I have no doubt the news people are right when they say prices will rise but they cause a panic by promoting fear as usual. So the prices go way beyond what they would naturally. New media providers are hopefully more responsible than the old school TV people. They don’t have to promote one bad thing after another to keep consumers watching or listening. What if CNN said that drinking bleach is absolutely necessary for good health? I bet 5% of the population would wake up dead the next morning! The herd mentality has to stop. If all I can do as a part of new media content is call out people for doing dumb things so be it.