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Get Ready for Gmail Revamp – New Inbox on Desktop and Mobile Gmail Coming

Google has been doing some major updating as of late to try and make it all work together. Gmail is one of those items that is getting a revamp. Today on the Official Gmail Blog, Product Manager Itamar Gilad announced the new features of this version to Gmail.

From the Gmail Blog: We get a lot of different types of email: messages from friends, social notifications, deals and offers, confirmations and receipts, and more. All of these emails can compete for our attention and make it harder to focus on the things we need to get done. Sometimes it feels like our inboxes are controlling us, rather than the other way around.

The new Gmail inbox will include tabs to organize different emails. Inbox groups (as Google calls it) will organize mail into categorized tabs. So spammy posts can go to an “Offers” tab and friends can be put into another tab.


The mobile version of Gmail will also have this option. You will need to download from Google Play or Apple iOS App Store to get these features.

If you don’t like the new inbox, simply switch it off and it goes away.

This feature is rolling out slowly. When you get the new feature, you will see a “Configure Inbox” option in the settings (the gear icon on the top-right).

Quick tip: Back out of the new Gmail Compose

Last week Google began rolling out its brand new Compose feature, a version that had been a part of Labs for testing over the past few months. Originally, it appeared that the roll out of that feature to all users was irrevocable, but now we have learned that is not actually the case….yet.

As it turns out, Google has built in a way to go back to the old compose feature and, no, this is not part of the company’s annual raft of April Fool’s jokes.

When you click the Compose button and receive the new pop-out box that it generates, simply move your mouse to the bottom right of the screen and click the down arrow that appears there. From here you will find an option to “Temporarily switch back to the old compose”. Its that simple. However, the resulting warning does let you know that this feature will be going away “soon”.

gmail compose switch

Gmail rolls out a new Compose interface

This week Google began rolling out a new Compose interface for Gmail. If you have not yet received then you soon will — it is spreading to users gradually. The new look is based on a version that has been tested as a Labs feature for some time now, and Google spent that time looking for input from those brave souls who opted to test it out.

Now, according to product manager Phil Sharp, the company is “ready to introduce the new compose experience as the default for everyone. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think”.

Changes include, not only a completely new look, but also the ability to send files using Google Drive, pop-out replies and support for originally missing features like starring and labeling when composing and the Canned Responses lab.

gmail compose

You will not need to do anything to get all of this — it will come to you, even if you do not want it. The announcement was made by Google two days ago and it found its way  into my Gmail this morning. When it finds you it will pop up a box explaining how the features work. There is no option to go back.

Talkler: Have Email Read to You

Talkler Are you drowning in email. Do you feel like you are never going to catch up, then Talkler maybe for you. It will not only read your email to you but it will also listen to your commands. You can use your voice to delete, archive, skip to the next email and so much more. You can command Talkler to speed up or slow down how it reads back to you. A simple tap will pause or restart a reading. Talkler also has a teleprompter mode. So if you miss something you can quickly glance over a see it. You can also reply to an email using Talkler. Just talk naturally and Talkler will understand you. Finished “writing” your email and tell Talkler to send it and off it goes.

Talkler is free to use and is available on iOS. They are working on an Android version. There is also a pro version available with no ads.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine. and Daniel J Lewis of the The Noodle.mx Network and the Audacity to Podcast

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Create a One Time Email Using Gli.ph

There is a good chance that you have read about the problem of Matt Honan who was hacked by individuals who used social engineering to do it. One of the things that Matt admitted was he used the same email address for everything and in terms of security that might not have been a good idea. Are there times when you are purchasing something from someone, maybe on Craigslist or through a site you are not familiar with and they ask for your email address. You are reluctant to give it too them, perhaps you give them what I call a junk email address, an email address that you specifically set up to give to online merchants. That is what I do, this works until you forget that is the email you gave them and you are wondering why you didn’t get that package you ordered and there is an email sitting in your alternative folder saying the item is out of stock. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to give out a fake email so you could get the information you need and then delete that email address and never worry about hearing from them again. That is one of the ideas behind Gli.ph

The first thing that you will need to do is sign up on the Gli.ph service and download the app on your iPhone. If you are using an Android phone you will have to use the mobile web app  for creating the cloaked email address. At the upper left hand corner of the app or mobile Web site you will see a figure that looks like a wizard, click on it. If you haven’t already done so you will need to confirm your email address. At that point you will be given a cloaked email address. When you are ready to send someone an email, just click on send cloaked email. There is the space for recipient, subject and message. To start off with there is no way to add an attachment, you earn that right by getting five of your friends to join Gli.ph. Ones you are done, hit the send button. The receiver will see your cloaked email address. Their reply will first go to the cloaked email address and then be forward to your real email address. This is where the real magic comes in now you can reply to their email through your actual email client and address and the recipient will only see your cloaked email address. Gli.ph will strip out all information that gives away your real email address from the header. Once you are finished communicating with the person or site, simply delete the cloaked email address. Now when they try to send you an email through that address it simply disappears into space. Gli.ph uses HMAC-SHA1 hashes, and stores cloaked Email addresses encrypted using the same AES–256 encryption. They do not store or see the email when it goes through them. It lives only in memory during the time it is passing through.

Right now the biggest complaint I have against Gli.ph is that on Android you have to use the mobile Web site to create a cloaked email address. On iOs you can do it directly on the application. Other than that I really like Gli.ph, their have been several times when I have been reluctant to give someone my real email address and now I don’t have to.

The Aging Technology Alliance

Presto email-to-print serviceThe Aging Technology Alliance (AgeTek) trade association is a group of companies that have products and services to help older people maintain their quality of life and stay in their homes longer. The website is aimed at carers who need stuff to help them look after their Mom or Dad.

On show at the website are a wide range of gadgets, from easy-to-use TV remotes to big button mobile phones. One gadget I hadn’t seen before is the Presto, which prints out emails without a computer. Friends and relatives send an email to the Presto service and instead of the email arriving in an inbox, a printer-like device prints out the email in the person’s home. It only uses an ordinary analogue phone line, so there’s no need for broadband. That’s a good solution for older people in today’s world. I like it.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and and Andy Smith of Geocaching World.

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GNC-2011-10-17 #714 All the News

You will love the rack overheat alarm going off in the middle of the show. Adds for some comedy and bewilderment by me as I have never heard that alarm coming out of the rack. Lots of great tech news and the show goes way long tonight. Will get that back in check as I do not have to report on “All the News”

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