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SlingBox and Boxee Box Together

SlingBox is now available through the Boxee Box. SlingBox connects directly to your cable or satellite box and allows you to watch anything that is available through that box no matter where you are. It works whether you are in the next room or the other side of the world. It comes in two version one that runs standard definition video and the other both SD and HD video. The Boxee box is a separate box that allows you to watch and listen to your favorite content from the Internet, including Netflix, Vimeo, MLB, Pandora and Flickr just to name a few of the hundreds of apps that are available on the Boxee Box. Now there is one more addition to the Boxee Box the SlingBox app.

Now if you have a monitor with a Boxee Box attached to it you can use your SlingBox through it. This would be great if let say if you have Boxee Box attached to a monitor and you don’t want to pay for another cable box, but you would like to watch live TV on it occasionally. Perhaps you have a summer home again you can use the SlingBox app on the Boxee Box to watch what is on your cable box at home. The SlingBox application is free however for it to work you must have an actual SlingBox, which run from $179 for the SlingBox Solo and $299 for the SlingBox Pro HD. This application works only with the stand alone Boxee Box and not the Boxee application you run on your computer. If you have a SlingBox and a Boxee Box, this application is a great addition.

The Success of the D-Link Boxee Box

Andy McCaskey chats to Joe from D-Link about their Boxee Box, which has been selling very well since it launched back in November. Key to the success is the Boxee Box’s ability to play content from a wide variety of sources, whether it’s the Internet, local storage or a USB memory stick.

Andy questions the delay in delivering the product and Joe explains that D-Link moved away from the Atom processor for performance but that necessitated changes to the software. Joe reckons that the success of the platform is because of the wide range of codecs, the flexibility of the platform, the involvement of D-Link with the community and the on-going refreshes to the software.

Andy thinks that part of the success can be due to the great remote which has simple controls on one side and a qwerty keyboard on the other side, making it much easier to enter text. It’s also an RF (radio-frequency) remote, not IR (infra-red) so you don’t need line of site between your remote and the Box.

Production of the Boxee Box is at full capacity to meet the demand in the US and abroad.  It’s on-sale now for $199.

Warning – there’s a TV playing in the background of the video and some of the pictures wouldn’t be entirely safe for children. It is Las Vegas, y’know.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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Boxee Box Press Photos

The Boxee Box is still more than a month away and review units are not much closer.  However, the press department has put out some great photos that I was given access to.  There’s not much to say that you haven’t heard about this device already.  We have been waiting longer that we expected and much longer than we wanted.

The box itself may look as though it’s melting into your entertainment cabinet, but it’s definitely unique.  And given, in my opinion, the new Apple TV’s failure to really impress, this is the only true competitor to the Roku.

The price is not outrageous, but it’s somewhat disappointing.  At $199 it’s going to have to really blow away the competition in order to compete.  Roku is $99 for the top-of-the-line box.  I love the Roku box, but (and this may have something to do with Boxee’s media center beginnings) my heart is pulling for Boxee to make a run here.  And competition is always good.

And competition in the set-top box market is quickly becoming the story of the year.  It may be a while before we know who the winner is, but in the meantime here are a few photos to whet your appetite for the upcoming Boxee Box (click each to view in full size).

The beta home screen

The remote

The rear of the box