Boxee Box Press Photos

The Boxee Box is still more than a month away and review units are not much closer.  However, the press department has put out some great photos that I was given access to.  There’s not much to say that you haven’t heard about this device already.  We have been waiting longer that we expected and much longer than we wanted.

The box itself may look as though it’s melting into your entertainment cabinet, but it’s definitely unique.  And given, in my opinion, the new Apple TV’s failure to really impress, this is the only true competitor to the Roku.

The price is not outrageous, but it’s somewhat disappointing.  At $199 it’s going to have to really blow away the competition in order to compete.  Roku is $99 for the top-of-the-line box.  I love the Roku box, but (and this may have something to do with Boxee’s media center beginnings) my heart is pulling for Boxee to make a run here.  And competition is always good.

And competition in the set-top box market is quickly becoming the story of the year.  It may be a while before we know who the winner is, but in the meantime here are a few photos to whet your appetite for the upcoming Boxee Box (click each to view in full size).

The beta home screen

The remote

The rear of the box

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