Gmail Makes a Change I Can Applaud!

I have been a Gmail user since its public launch in 2007.  I have two active accounts, and use it for a variety of things, including listservs.  For the most part, I like Gmail, but there was one large glaring problem that I complained about from day one.  That problem was message threading.  I despise message threading.  It complicates what was visually uncomplicated for me before.  I know there have been debates on the value of threading, and people I talk to fall on both sides of the fence.

And now, in Google’s usual style, they’ve created the option for users to choose threaded (“conversation”) or non-threaded settings.

Finally.  I’ve been begging for an end to threading of email messages for more than three years.  I use Outlook at work, and Thunderbird at home, and Yahoo Mail and WindowsLive mail and other web-based email that does not thread, and I’m used to it and I like it that way.  Visually, non-threaded email is what I want, and the threading in Gmail had actually kept me from using Gmail for more things.

Now, I can consider it as more than a secondary, used only for a few things email box and pull it into my regular routine.  The change has not rolled to my gmail account yet, but Google promises it will within the next few days.  I can’t wait!

One thought on “Gmail Makes a Change I Can Applaud!

  1. I’m glad someone else doesn’t like the threaded messages – I thought I was just being “old-fashioned”. I personally find it cab get pretty confusing if you have a fairly lengthy back-and-forth conversations. Maybe others complained and Google listened – if so, good for them!

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