Category Archives: gnomedex2005 has Winer and Microsoft Gnomedex Keynotes Online!

Big thanks to Gnomedex and Chris for allowing us to record the live events at Gnomedex. The recordings are up the audio is not the best because we were recording from the audience and not jacked into the mixer.

The two shows we put up where the Dave Winer Keynote and the Microsoft IE version 7.0 RSS integration and Longhorn announcement. The RSS feed is here

Please visit the Gnomedex Site and Support their Sponsors of which Microsoft was one. []

Interesting Group of people at Gnomedex!

Having participated in vastly different conferences in my regular JOB. I must say that the mix of people attending Gnomedex is a mix of users, software developers and trend setters. Was able to meet up with my GoDaddy representative today, and we had a nice chat. For those companies looking to start advertising on podcast, GoDaddy is very happy with the performance of the Ads in the Geek News Central Podcast.

Ironically very little talk of the commercialization of podcasting thus far. Lot’s of questions from companies wanting to know how thing are going, and I am telling them they need to jump on board.

IE version 7.0 demonstrated

Microsoft is saying they are betting big on RSS in Longhorn and IE 7

1st Throughout Windows RSS enabled
2nd provide a RSS platform that will help expand RSS
3rd Cover more scenarios

Internet Explorer version 7 automatically detects rss and shows a view that people can see the feed in a readable format and it integrates directly with RSS aggregators. They are creating an my feed directory like you have my pictures which will contain all of your feeds that will integrate with all RSS Aggreators.

Dave Winer’s presentation

Is talking about the Internet being a platform without a platform vendor, dave is hinting that Microsoft is going to go with the flow, RSS is the flow. Dave is talking about RSS not being controlled and that it is not owned by anyone. With the wireless connection fixed Dave is now demonstrating his new OPML editor which He is updating his weblog nearly instantaneous with any waiting for pages to rebuild. The depth in which you can do editing is amazing. Their are collaboration tools built in.

Note: Connectivity here is really bad.

Bags are Packed and were ready to roll to Gnomedex

Well the portable podcast production studio is packed. My portable rig has fresh batteries in it. I have triple checked the cables and wires that I will need and my suitcase is loaded. Homework is done for the week and I am ready to jet out of here tomorrow afternoon and be ready to hit the streets in Seattle Thursday. I’m excited and it should be a lot of fun.