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Direct Conversations with Dell

It’s nice to see Dell listening, and responding on their blog, and I am sure that the blogsphere and small companies like mine will appreciate that enough that if they can get some of their customer service ratings up. That I as a small business owner may be inclined to check out some dell products next time we need to buy some computers or hardware.

It’s too bad that they took this long to blog, we will see how sincere they are, and if they really answer the tough questions directed at them from within, and outside the blogsphere. []

Why is Dell going after legitimate domain Holder?

Seems Dell Computer Corporation has it’s eyes set on every domain with the word Dell in it and god forbid your doing website design. Seem Dell wants a pile of money from a guy in Spain who’s last name is Dell and is a website designer. He has a legal defense fund, but it appears Dell wants to make the poor guy to pay 100’s of thousands of Euro’s for supposed damages. Why are companies so stupid sometime. [CMX]