Why is Dell going after legitimate domain Holder?

Seems Dell Computer Corporation has it’s eyes set on every domain with the word Dell in it and god forbid your doing website design. Seem Dell wants a pile of money from a guy in Spain who’s last name is Dell and is a website designer. He has a legal defense fund, but it appears Dell wants to make the poor guy to pay 100’s of thousands of Euro’s for supposed damages. Why are companies so stupid sometime. [CMX]

7 thoughts on “Why is Dell going after legitimate domain Holder?

  1. I don’t know, Todd…I think I am with Dell on this one. And before you say that I just like to stick with the big companies, I will say that I own four Dell-related domain names and one of them even has Dell in the URL. The other domains just have dell product namews (inspiron, lattitude, etc..) in the names and I would not be surprised at all if Dell comes calling. Actually one of the reasons why I haven’t developed my sites fully is because I know that if I did then Dell would come after me (and rightfully so).

    The thing is is that while this dellwebsites.com is not doing any harm to Dell, there might be another website with Dell in the url that does confuse people. Dell as a company has to go after every case and not just the ones that it doesn’t agree with. They have a right to protect their name – they have built a reputation and they want to make sure that no one else can tarnish it. I don’t think that it is so much that this particular website is bad or that Dell wants this one gone, it is just that if another case comes up in the future that they want to have a legal precendence saying that they try to go after every website with Dell in the name.

    I don’t know, I used to be on your side and I definitely see where you are coming from, but being the owner of a company myself now I see it a little differently. I’m just curious…how would you feel if someone registered tech-podcasts.com or something like that? I personally wouldn’t like it and that is why I tried to register all of the domains associated with my name (and I know that you have done the same with geeknewspodcast.com, etc…) but there is no way that you can register all of the domains because there is no way that you would ever be able to think of all the domain names.

    Anyways, I just wanted to throw my words in here to let you know what I think. I’m looking forward to listening to the podcast today…I’ve got a long drive ahead and I’ve got yours and the MacCast lined up to listen to it.

  2. Well this one is a mixed bag at best. IANAL but keep in mind here in the US things like trademarks if not vigorously defended against are lost. Maybe something similar is what is driving this. While I understand both sides of the fence on this one I think it should have been settled out of court with a simple addition of dell web ads on his web site.

  3. I don’t believe Dell should be able to muscle out anyone with a website that happens to have similarity in their names. Why should Dell have preference? Because of their business? BS! So then if Bill Gates has a son and names him Dell Gates and little Dell Gates inherits a big business worth more than Dell then should he be able to muscle the Dell Computer Company out of using their name? Both to me sound just as ridiculous.

  4. I totally agree, Dell has lost their mind.

    I have started a business, Karenleighstudios.com, I found out that apparently there is a Porn start named Karen Leigh. Does that mean I should go after her and ask her to pay me lots of money because we have the same name?

    I think not, Dell isn’t any different.

    I use to own fly-radio.com. I wasn’t the only flyradio out there, but the name is not illegal and neither is the domain, I own it .

    My screen name, Rainbowfly use to be my forum, rainbowfly.net and also my dj name. I own both domains, but there is another rainbowfly oand many others, but how on earth would I expect them to change their domains, if lets say I was to become, oh I don’t know, Madonna?

    I cannot believe Dell is going after someone like this, are their profits lagging that bad?

  5. Rainbowfly, the difference is that those domain names existed before you became famous. Dell has been around for a long time and this dellwebsites.com just started up a few years ago. There is a really good chance that if Dell computer corporation did not exist then this person would not name his company Dell websites. At least I would hope that he could come up with something more creative than that.

    I do agree with you and the others in some respects, but I have a hard time believing that this person would have named his company dellwebsites.com if it had not been for Dell computers. Maybe I am wrong, but we’ll never know.

  6. You know what, if the name is that important to them then they should have registered it themselves. Since they didn’t then they ought to buy it from the guy who did. Isn’t that what companies do when someone invents a product that they would like to call their own.

  7. bullshit – Dell is an American Based Company – and the Internet is NOT unique by landmass.

    My company name is Mobasoft, LLC and there is a Persian who also uses that name, and has quite a high visibility on the web.

    Just because he decided for his own reasons to use that name, does NOT give me any right to try and go after him.

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