What’s Going On Over at Dell?

I sure wish I knew what was going on at Dell. I’ve been working at the same J.O.B. for about eight years, and we are a Dell campus. Everything we buy is Dell, except for the small amount of Gateways I convinced a few divisions to buy several years back (most notably the Gateway Convertible M275 Notebook). So I deal with Dell sales reps quite a bit. We normally have a sales rep assigned to us that we call on for quotes and questions.

In eight years, we’ve had no less than 15 Dell reps. Some last a month or two, a few have lasted a year. But it seems like every time I turn around, our current Dell rep has left for “other opportunities” and we have a new rep.

It hasn’t caused any real difficulties, except for maybe the fact that my Outlook contacts list is full of Dell reps and I don’t know which one is the current one. The new reps seem to get acclimated well to our system of purchasing and quoting and it is a seamless transition.

What concerns me is this relatively high turnover. I’ve worked in places that had high turnover, and there was usually a management or corporate reason for it, and it was never a positive thing. I have to wonder what is going on over there at Dell, when a sales rep only lasts a few months and then leaves Dell altogether. Makes me wonder if we shouldn’t have a backup contract in the works with another hardware provider.

3 thoughts on “What’s Going On Over at Dell?

  1. Is it them actually leaving the company? Or moving up? If it’s moving up if anything thats good it means Dell has alot of opprotunities and many of them are taking advantage of it.

  2. They are actually leaving Dell, in most cases. We are told they are “leaving Dell for other opportunities.” That is why I am concerned. In a few cases, they moved up, but in most cases they went elsewhere.

  3. People leave. Personally i worked for Dell a couple of years ago, as tech support here in Panama. People just leave, because the view they(we) have of the job is of the “call center” type. You get there, raise some money, then leave for your real goals in life.

    They tried to insist us that they were not a call center, that they were a serious company that wanted stable employees; but that is not the overall feedback you get when you start working there. The opportunities for growing are not that feasible; all the manager just jumped there without any Dell-related experience, and also without possibilities of moving up and give those jobs to reps. Everyone was pretty much stuck in its position. Myself had a coworker that got an MBA and couldn’t get promoted to the finance dept; at that moment he had 2 years on the phone.

    I left; and he did it also. At the end, they closed the tech support dept, fired most managers and reps and just remained with sales.

    I think the Dell HR dept, globally, has serious issues focusing the job offering to the new recruits. They should decide whether to focus the job as a callcenter-no-compromise one to appeal young people and just deal with it, or put more seriousness in the job postings to try to attract professionals. If they don’t to that, the high turnover will remain forever.

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