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Energizer announces the first inductive charger with QI technology

Energizer is releasing a new inductive charging system this October at Target stores and on It’s officially called “Energizer Inductive Charger”

The new charging pad will charge any QI (Pronounced Chee) enabled device or a device with a QI accessory. Energizer will have the first two of these accessories available at the same time. They are starting with the iPhone 3G and 3GS sleeves and a BlackBerry® Curve™ replacement battery door. They say they will have more accessories available at a later date. Ultimately, doors and sleeves will not be required as manufacturers begin introducing new devices with the Qi standard built in.

iPhone 3g and blackberry on the Energizer Inductive Charger with QI Technology

Imagine sitting at your desk and just putting your smart phone on a nice looking pad and not having to plug it in to keep it charged. Or at the end of the day, just put your gadgets on the pad at the bedside and they will be all charged up in the morning.

In the past, these inductive chargers all had a different standard and had to speak the correct language to work. QI is an open source standard so any QI device and charger can work together. QI does require metal to metal contact to work. QI Logo

I’m looking forward to having a charger like this for my smartphone (Droid).

For more information about these new products check out: Energizer Inductive Charger.

To read more about the QI (pronounced Chee) standard, go to The Wireless Power Consortium home page.

Burning Torch or Damp Squib

With a reported 150,000 units sold in the first week, and a nearly instant price cut, the Blackberry Torch doesn’t appear to have met RIM’s expectations.  But I’m unsure how it could have been any other way.

To start with, 150,000 units is a good opening figure for any company with the single exception of Apple.  Compare it with the HTC Evo 4G and Palm Pre, both of which sold in broadly similar numbers.  Frankly, this tells me that at any one time, there are only about 150,000 people ready to upgrade.

 Secondly, while I know plenty of people who have work-supplied Blackberries, I know of only one friend who has one as a personal phone.  Thirdly, companies tend to purchase in batches and rarely upgrade to the latest phone just because it’s out.  Consequently, I think 150,000 units for business-orientated (smart)phone are good opening figures.

RIM with the Blackberry brand has something that no other phone really has – its association with business.  If you have a Blackberry, it says you are serious about business.  Obviously, RIM has to defend its territory and often the best form of attack is defence, but it’s too easy to get into Apple-beating mode when faced with the iPhone threat.

There’s no doubt that the battle lines are drawn between Apple, RIM and Android.  All are vying for the top spot but RIM has the corporate foundation to push out from.  With Microsoft down and out at the moment, RIM should be locking down the business market tight.  The Torch is a great phone for that as it’s generally considered to be the best Blackberry ever from the reviews, even if it’s not quite up to Android, iOS and WebOS standard.

RIM needs to forget about the opening numbers game and go for the long-term.

Rim starting a blackberry podcast directory with a new app

Research in Motion has put out it’s own FREE podcast app for the Blackberry Smartphone. This is an exciting new development from RIM as this app is free where as the other blackberry podcast listening apps are pay or lousy (in my humble opinion).

The new app that is just called “Blackberry Podcast App” is available for BlackBerry® Bold™, BlackBerry® Curve™, BlackBerry® Pearl™, BlackBerry® Storm™, or BlackBerry® Tour™ smartphones and you can get it in the Appworld store or by going to .

The podcasts that are available on the app are handled as a podcast directory so not every podcast you want to listen to is there. If you are a podcaster, you can have your show listed at the same address above. You will need to have a free account to add your podcast, but once you do, you will be listed in the directory. At the time of this writing, there were about 500 podcasts in the list so far.

It’s great to see that RIM and Blackberry are now supporting podcasting and even though Apple and Google are making big strides into the smartphone market, don’t count out blackberry as a contender!