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You may not work for AOL for Long!

Well seems a day after AOL said they were going to be giving away access to their site they have decided that being free means less money coming in so that equates to laying people off. This is going to put a lot of people out of work. I imagine with that layoff there will be marketing and sales people on the hunt for jobs.

If you are a veteran of advertising sales, and or are a marketing person and understand the Web 2.0 space, we are on the hunt for someone to work with us at RawVoice. Drop me a e-mail with your resume.

Will you use AOL now that it will be Free?

I was forced to use a AOL account at a relatives house 4 or 5 years ago, it was the first time on the service, the experience was not pleasant and the bloated interface was horrible. Needless to say my impression before, after and now have not changed.

AOL filled a need back when people could not get overcome the technological hurdles to get on the net, that is why most respecting tech folks were never members of their service. The AOL bashing died down a long time ago but for many of us it still leaves a bad taste in our mouths everytime we read or hear the words AOL.

The question is now that they are going to make AOL free for broadband users is this. Does this mean I have to put there invasive interface on my computer? Or will I and others even take the time to check out AOL now that it is going to lower the gangway to it’s walled fortress.

Personally I do not thing so but I do have a prediction, those that are still paying and on dial up are going to leave in hordes and upgrade to broadband or ASDL because for many this may give them enough comfort to make the switch, second those of us that have not used AOL before will not now, given they are under pressure to make money I predict that they will not and Time Warner will be faced with a decision to close the service in less than 3 years or parcel it out to companies that want to buy small chunks of it.

What’s your prediction. [TimeWarner]

AOL no Cancel manual on net!

I keep telling people if you have stock in AOL aka Time Warner sell. After seeing there so called retention manual, I can only imagine the agony those poor customer service people had to go through. This thing was definitely written by someone that owns a serious amount of stock in the company, as no person in there right mind would design this. []

Jason Calacanis wants to pay you to Digg for Him!

If this headline smells funny wait till you read the associated post, but the crux is this, if your a top poster at some of the top social sites like Digg, Flickr etc they are willing to pay you a $1000.00 a month for those skills over at Netscapes new site. But hey if I had the money backing behind me that Jason does I could not even imagine the amount of traction I would be able to put forth in the podcasting space.

When your building a site on sheer determination, no sleep, and a heck of a lot of heart there is only one thing in the end that will spur the success of the site and that is making sure the podcasters get paid so you can stay in business.

Hell if I had 1 or 2 kick butt marketing/sales people we could definitley move forward quicker. The key is finding people with heart that understand the space and are willing to work like a dog for a startup. It’s tough but hey thats what building a company is all about. The question is are you that person that can kick butt? I definitely need you!

AOL Commits Suicide with Ad’s in E-Mail

Imagine your paying $14.95 per month for your AOL account that you are using largely for e-mail to only start getting advertisements jammed into e-mail. This has to be the most stupid move I have heard about. AOL is nothing more than a over priced ISP, for them to do this is beyond comprehension.

When you have a free account place somewhere you expect ads, this will add another nail in AOL’s coffin. [InfoWorld]

AIM Pages not Impressive

If the plan for AOL was to compete with MySpace with AIM Pages then by the look of the site today it is dead on arrival. Heck it does not even work in Firefox and some are saying even Safari users are having trouble. The site reminds me of GeoCities from the 80’s in fact I wonder if they actually used some of that code. []

Update: This post by Jason Calacanis is an indication that he has drank to much of the AOL Koolaid. Your kidding Right?