Will you use AOL now that it will be Free?

I was forced to use a AOL account at a relatives house 4 or 5 years ago, it was the first time on the service, the experience was not pleasant and the bloated interface was horrible. Needless to say my impression before, after and now have not changed.

AOL filled a need back when people could not get overcome the technological hurdles to get on the net, that is why most respecting tech folks were never members of their service. The AOL bashing died down a long time ago but for many of us it still leaves a bad taste in our mouths everytime we read or hear the words AOL.

The question is now that they are going to make AOL free for broadband users is this. Does this mean I have to put there invasive interface on my computer? Or will I and others even take the time to check out AOL now that it is going to lower the gangway to it’s walled fortress.

Personally I do not thing so but I do have a prediction, those that are still paying and on dial up are going to leave in hordes and upgrade to broadband or ASDL because for many this may give them enough comfort to make the switch, second those of us that have not used AOL before will not now, given they are under pressure to make money I predict that they will not and Time Warner will be faced with a decision to close the service in less than 3 years or parcel it out to companies that want to buy small chunks of it.

What’s your prediction. [TimeWarner]

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