News Corp and Google Agree to Global Partnership on News

News Corp announced today that it has agreed to an historic multi-year partnership with Google to provide trusted journalism from its news sites around the world in return for significant payments by Google. The long-term deal involves payment for premium content for Google News Showcase.

Among the News Corp publications joining Google News Showcase will be The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, MarketWatch, and the New York Post; in the UK: The Times and The Sunday Times, and the Sun; and in Australia a range of news platforms including The Australian,, Sky News, and multiple metropolitan and local titles.

Reuters reported that the companies will develop a subscription platform, share advertising revenue through Google’s ad technology services, build out audio journalism and develop video journalism by YouTube.

According to Reuters, this deal comes after years of public feuding between Murdoch and Google, most recently in Australia, where Google has threatened to shut down its search engine to avoid “unworkable” content laws.

The New York Times reported: Google’s rush to pay up in Australia shows how regulation in a relatively small country – or just the threat of it – can sharply alter the behavior of a global tech behemoth that grew with impunity back home in the United States. The New York Times noted that “journalism seems to have fewer friends in the halls of power” in the United States.

Google’s decision to pay news publishers is a good idea. In my opinion, it makes sense for Google to pay news publishers for their content. Both sides benefit from this situation. According to Reuters, Microsoft Corp. has publicly endorsed the proposed Australian law and recently urged the U.S. government to copy it.

The decisions made by Google and Microsoft stands in sharp contrast to Facebook’s decision to block Australian news from its platform. It seems to me that Australians have the opportunity to get their news from Google – and spend less time on Facebook.