Fortnite has More than 350 Million Players

Fortnite, which is made by Epic Games, announced in a tweet that the game now has over 350 million registered players. The tweet continues to point out when the next Fortnite Party Royale will happen, and who it will feature.

Fortnite’s popularity is, in part, because the game provides an interesting challenge for players. Each player needs to quickly figure out what to do in order to be the last survivor. The game is free-to-play, which tends to make parents happy. In addition, the cartoony visuals, and sometimes goofy costumes, make the game fun. But, the biggest draw, for tweens and teens, is that Fortnite is a place where they can easily socialize with their friends.

The Verge reported that the last Fortnite player count stat that was released by Epic Games was in March in 2019. At that time, the game had 250 million players.

One of the things that is very likely attracting players is Fortnite’s Party Royale. It is described as “a new, experimental and evolving space” Unlike in the regular Fortnite, Party Royale is a violence free area. There are no weapons and no buildings. I think this less stressful area in Fortnite would be attractive for tweens and teens who just want a space to hang out with their friends in-game.

Recently, Party Royale has been hosting live shows with a variety of players and artists. These are live events that take place at a specific time. Those who miss it can catch the rebroadcast the next day. It is easy to see how this kind of online, in-game, concert atmosphere would attracted new players to Fortnite.

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