Alphabet’s Chronicle Launched Backstory

Chronicle, a new Alphabet company, announced the launch of Backstory. It is a global cloud service where companies can privately upload, store, and analyze their internal security telemetry to detect and investigate potential cyber threats.

Chronicle is focused entirely on enterprise cybersecurity. Their mission is: “Give Good the Advantage”. That mission is fueled by their ability to leverage significant resources to give security professionals an entirely new class of tools, perspectives, and abilities that aim to counter, and even leap ahead of, the capabilities of their antagonists.

Backstory compares your network activity against a continuous stream of threat intelligence signals, curated from a variety of sources, to detect potential threats instantly. It also continuously compares any new piece of information against your company’s historical activity, to notify you of any historical access to known-bad web domains, malware-infected files, and other threats.

In short, Backstory is designed to be used by companies, not individuals. The purpose is to provide companies with data that they probably cannot get on their own so they can use it to detect breaches and to improve their security efforts.

Overall, I think Backstory sounds like a useful thing. In their Medium Post, Chronicle used the DNC hack as an example, and showed how easy it is to miss a data breach. In addition to noticing a breach, Backstory can give a company information about whether or not any of their computers communicated with that web domain.

It seems unlikely that nefarious entities will stop trying to access data and information that they have no right to steal. Hopefully, Backstory can make it harder for hackers to harm people.