Parents are Paying for Fortnite Tutors

It is not unheard of for parents to pay for tutors to help their child improve their grades or to get a good score on a test. Apparently, some parents are paying for Fortnite tutors. The Wall Street Journal was the first to report that parents are paying up to $20 per hour for Fortnite tutors to teach their kids how to beat the game.

Fortnite is extremely popular. It was created by Epic Games. Fortnite is an open-world survival game where players must collect resources and weapons, fight against other players, and try and stay alive for as long as possible. The game became even more popular after Fortnite released its Battle Royale.

Crain’s Detroit Business reported that Tyler Blevins (also known as The Ninja) is a 27-year-old American Twitch streamer and internet personality. He reportedly is making $500,000 a month on Twitch from his subscribers who watch him to play Fortnite Battle Royale (and other games).

Ashland University added Fortnite to its eSports program for the Fall of 2018. They conducted open tryouts for Fortnite players, and offered scholarships in eSports for up to $4,000 based on player skill level and academic requirements.

So, maybe it isn’t so strange for parents to pay people to teach their kids how to be a better Fortnite player after all. There are now some real-life possibilities for talented Fortnite players to turn their skill into a way to pay for college or a career. It isn’t so different from paying a coach to teach your kid to be a better football player.