Handmade at Amazon Competes With Etsy

Handmade at AmazonAmazon has found a way to get into the market of handmade goods with Handmade at Amazon. It is obviously intended to compete with Etsy, a popular website where people go to buy and sell handmade products. Artisans who want to have their work appear at Handmade at Amazon can apply now.

People who request an invitation to Handmade at Amazon, and receive one, will be able to create their own Artisan Profile page (also called a storefront). Each artist’s storefront has its own custom URL. They also get to set up pages for each of their products. There is a listing tool that makes the process easier. Listings on Handmade at Amazon are free and they never expire.

Etsy charges $0.20 to list an item for 4 months (or until it sells). Once the items sells, Etsy collects a 3.5% fee on the sale price of the item.

It appears that this is where Handmade at Amazon has a significant advantage. The video below says that you can list as many products as you want for free, and that listings never expire. “So you can spend more time creating products and less time creating listings.”

I learned about Handmade at Amazon because I use the Amazon Affiliate program. Moments before posting this blog, I got an update that informed me that “A new Product Category has been added to the program; Handmade Products”.

However, if you visit the Amazon website, the Handmade category does not yet appear as a selection in their search box. Eventually, though, I (and others who use the Amazon Affiliate program) can link to the handmade products that are being sold via Amazon – and get that product in front of a few more eyes. This is something that Etsy cannot offer.