Pinterest Hit a Major Milestone

Pinterest logoPinterest announced that they are now a creative community of more than 100 million people. This is a major milestone for Pinterest.

This might not sound so huge if you compare it to the amount of people on some of the social media websites. CNBC reports that Pinterest’s one billion users is one-third the size of Instagram and Twitter. Both WhatsApp and Facebook can boast a much larger number of users than Pinterest.

There is some information available about Pinterest users. Pinterest posted on their blog that 67% of Pinners are under the age of 40. This is an increase of 27% from last year. 54% of women aged 34 – 55 are on Pinterest, and 35% of them have a household income over $100K. The amount of male monthly Pinterest users has grown 120% this year, and more than half of all the Hispanics who use Pinterest joined it within the last year.

Pinterest also points out that about 70% of their 100 million users do more than just visit the website. They are discovering things they like and clicking on those things to learn more. People use Pinterest to plan for weddings. The number of searches on Pinterest has grown 81% in the last year.

Fortune points out that Pinterest added “Buyable Pins” earlier this year. Fortune reports that out of Pinterest’s 50 billion pins, 30 million of them are buyable. Pinterest, however, doesn’t want to make money off of those itself. Instead, it wants to monetize entirely with ads. It seems to me that Pinterest might be hoping that their announcement of 100 million users could attract companies who want to place ads.