Todoist Reveals New Logo

Todoist logoTodoist has released its new logo. The change was made in order to make Todoist connect better with their diverse group of users. In addition, Todoist has made changes to their typeface, color scheme, websites, and blog.

Todoist has users that live on 6 continents, in 190 countries, and who speak 20 different languages. Their professions range from teachers to CEOs, and also include both students and grandmothers. It is easy to see why Todoist wanted to make changes that would help them to connect with everyone who is using their product. They describe things this way:

Last year, we took a look at our growing user base and realized that our previous “TD” logo just didn’t fit in with such an incredibly diverse and inspiring Todoist community. It was time to create a new visual identity to reflect your creativity, passion, and get-it-done attitude.

The new logo includes a series of checkmarks. Todoist selected the checkmark because they feel that it is a strong symbol “that would unify the Todoist identity across all our platforms and be easily recognizable from any home screen”. They also see the checkmark as a symbol of the hard work that people put in so that they can achieve their goals.

In addition, Todoist has changed their typeface from Open Sans to the Graphik font (which they feel is clean and recognizable). Their website and blog have also been updated – including the color scheme and imagery. They also added new web, plug-in, and desktop apps that users can customize to their tastes.